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"Metabolic Meals is perfect for me. I am very busy with many meetings and trips so I don’t have time to prepare the right foods the right way. Metabolic Meals is a quick, easy way to help me eat right and stay on a more disciplined diet. Metabolic Meals are also VERY good with a wide variety of offerings and some of the best tasting meals you can buy."
- Dave Peacock
Fmr. President of Anheuser Busch
  • "Metabolic Meals is a quick, easy way to help me eat right and stay on a more disciplined diet."
    - Dave Peacock
    Fmr. President of Anheuser Busch
  • "I can't say enough about Metabolic Meals. Not only is the food healthy, but it's delicious."
    - Tim McKernan
    Radio Personality
  • "Our family eats "clean," tasty calories all week without the slog of shopping, food prep."
    - Jacqueline Fairchild
  • "I am a believer! I am so satisfied with the results!"
    - Stephanie Greenberg
    Stay-At-Home Mom
  • The convenience of having fresh, healthy meals prepared and delivered right to my door has made it easy and enjoyable to eat clean."
    - Angie Huff
    Working Mother
  • "Metabolic Meals essentially serves as a personal shopper, nutritionist, meal planner, gourmet chef, and cleaning crew."
    - Jenny & Brian Reeves
    Working Parents
  • "We anticipate that the meals are actually saving us money - no more junky take out or wasting money on items that end up in the trash."
    - Mary Cummings
    Retired Mother
  • "The first healthy pre-prepared delivery meals that are actually delicious."
    - Sherry Benson
    Busy Professional
  • "I started the program and lost 30 pounds in 3 months."
    - Sheryl Canady
  • "Having my meals prepared for me while giving me the best possible nutrition, makes a huge difference!"
    – Tyron Woodley
    UFC Welterweight Champion
  • "Their meal program provides a great strategy and is exactly what we need to reach our optimal performance zone."
    – Nelson Ayotte
    Strength & Conditioning Coach, St. Louis Blues
  • "Anthony is using Metabolic Meals to recover from training better while making the weight cut to 155lbs easier."
    – Anthony Pettis
    UFC Fighter
  • "If you're looking for a convenient & effective way to improve your health and performance, get Metabolic Meals. If it is good enough for me & my athletes; it's good enough for YOU!"
    – Joe Defranco
    World Renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • "Randy uses Metabolic Meals as a convenient way to eat healthy with an incredibly busy schedule."
    – Randy Orton
    WWE Superstar
  • "Dustin is using Metabolic Meals to power through tough training sessions while keeping his weight under control between fights."
    – Dustin Poirier
    UFC Fighter
  • "The meals are satisfying and delicious and the variety is incredible! I look forward to my deliveries every week."
    – Jessica Cameron
    Personal Trainer & Pro Bikini Competitor
  • "Brian uses Metabolic Meals as an easy way to eat better during the NFL season and to fuel him through tough off-season workouts."
    – Brian Cushing
    Houston Texans
  • "Chris eats Metabolic Meals to give him the proper nutrition he needs for both on and off the field."
    – Chris Johnson
    Arizona Cardinals
  • "Metabolic Meals helped me get back into shape coming off my ACL and MCL knee surgery. With these results, I will now use them from here on out."
    – Mike Hoomanawanui
    2014 Superbowl Champion & New Orleans Saint
  • "Sakio used Metabolic Meals to improve recovery and safely lose weight during training camp before winning the World Title."
    – Sakio Bika
    Fmr. WBC & IBO Super Middleweight Champion
  • "Will uses Metabolic Meals as a way to recover from intense training and improve physical conditioning between World Title fights."
    – Will Brooks
    Bellator Lightweight Champion
  • "Coleman, an Olympic Bronze Medalist is training for the 2016 Olympics. Coleman uses Metabolic Meals to improve his performance and safely make his weight class. "
    – Coleman Scott
    2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist in Wrestling
  • "Andy eats Metabolic Meals to give him the proper nutrition he needs for both on and off the ice. "
    – Andy McDonald
    St. Louis Blues
  • "Metabolic Meals is the best nutrition program that I have come across. The quality, variety and convenience make them an invaluable component of a healthy lifestyle."
    – Derek Fairchild
    Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • "Devon has increased his energy which has enabled him to train harder while recovering much faster."
    – Devon Alexander
    Fmr. IBF Welterweight Champion