NG Blog Test – Owning a dog is the best thing ever

Article at a Glance

This is an intro paragraph that follows the H1 heading tag. This is an introduction to your post that lets your visitors know what the post is about. In this post, we’ll be looking at Heading Structure for creating blog posts.

Dogs are cool companions

This is the Sub-heading tag that should be used for every section below the title. These sections should contain the major topics that you want to talk about that expand on the blog title.

They love to be around you

This is a sub-topic (sub-topic from the previous H2 that we used to define the broad topics). This is similar to a bullet list, but different because we want to add a bit more content here, and the topic doesn’t explicitly call out a “reasons-why” in the topic heading. WE’ll see that in the next H2 heading.

Their loyalty is unbreakable

Here is another sub-topic (nested below the main topic’s H2 tag). This is used to add more sub-topics to the main “Dogs are cool companions” topic.

Things you needs to consider before getting a dog

Here we are starting a new topic, but do you see that our topic hints at a list? We are assuming a list with the way that the title is written, so we’ll want to add an un-ordered list here. The reason why we are adding an unordered list is that we want to avoid hierarchy for this topic. That will come in the next sub-topic.

Dogs need accomodation

This is an intro to the sub-topic that can come before adding a list to your post.

  • Food – They eat a LOT
  • Big space – They love to run around
  • Comfortable atmosphere – Dogs hate stress, just like the rest of us

Dogs cost a lot!

This is another sub-topic of the “Things you need to consider..” topic.

  1. This is the first thing
  2. This is the second thing
  3. This is the third thing