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Storage & Packaging
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What sets Metabolic Meals apart from other food delivery programs?

How Do I Heat My Meals in the Supplied Entrée Container?

What should I do with my items once they arrive?

Can I store my meals in the freezer if I am not going to consume immediately?

How do the meals remain fresh and cold during transit?

Can I recycle my box and packaging materials?

How can Metabolic Meals help me lose weight?

What if I have no weight to lose?

What results can I expect to see from Metabolic Meals?

How does the referral program work?

How Often Does the Menu Change?

When and How Should I Eat My Metabolic Meals?

I Have Dietary Restrictions and Allergies. How Do You Tailor Your Product to My Needs?

How Many Shipments Per Week Do I Receive?

Do I Have to Receive Shipments Each Week?

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Package Once Ordered?

How is Nutritional Information Figured?

Do You Use Any GMOs?

Is the container oven-safe?

how does the program work?

where is metabolic meals available?

what number of calories does each day contain?

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