Corporate Meal Plans

Select from a huge variety of healthy, chef prepared meals and have them delivered to the home or office. Improve company culture and participation in your wellness program with a Metabolic Meals Corporate Plan!

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Companies with successful Corporate Wellness Programs realize that to see the desired ROI, passes to fitness clubs and pamphlets with nutrition info aren’t enough. When employees consistently eat healthy, companies will save money! We give your employees the ability to order the healthy meals they want at a company discounted rate and have it delivered.
Now that’s True Onsite Integration.

  • A health related loss of productivity costs employers 2-3x more than annual healthcare expenses.

  • Employees who eat healthy see a 29% increase in productivity and 27% less absenteeism.

  • Obese employees incur more than double the amount in health care, workers compensation and short-term disability costs than healthy weight employees.

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“I’ve got my meal prepared in a couple of minutes and I can spend more of my work day on work and get home to my family sooner.”

– Christine Nardini
President - American Metals Supply

“Metabolic Meals is a quick, easy way to help me eat right and stay on a more disciplined diet. Metabolic Meals are also VERY good with a wide variety of offerings and some of the best tasting meals you can buy. ”

– David Peacock
Fmr. President - Anheuser Busch