7 Foods That Most Personal Trainers Cannot Live Without


We can all agree that eating healthy is the foundation for health, longevity and even performance. What isn’t so clear is how to do it in a world filled with more temptation and less time than ever.  So, we decided to ask some of America’s top personal trainers which foods people should be eating more of and why.

Not surprisingly, most trainers said they pay closer attention to the nutrient breakdown of their meal rather than simply counting calories. Consuming quality proteins, healthy fats, fiber and antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables was viewed as an essential way to support the body in losing body fat and increasing muscle mass versus drastically reducing calories to unsustainable levels.

While several foods like broccoli, coconut oil and kefir make great honorable mentions, the following 7 foods were very popular with Personal Trainers:

1 Organic Kale


2 Dark Chocolate


3 Organic Blueberries


4 Quality Proteins


5 Pistachios


6 Turmeric


7 Organic Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato